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Quality Leadership

Quality Leadership

Thanks Dave and Renee. This article was recently submitted to the Owatonna People’s Press and the Faribault Daily News. Check it out.

It has been a real privilege to work and be involved in John Jasinski’s campaign for state senator these past few months.  John has been a good, loyal and kind friend and an excellent help to us as we strived to run a small business in Faribault. 


John always had a listening ear and we were always encouraged by his support and his right-sizing government position. He understands how we need to do more with less.


John has not only proven himself as a mayor of Faribault in working hard to not raise taxes but he is also a successful businessman and has a lot of experience working with budgets to keep the company profitable and to keep people employed. John will be able to take these real world experiences and apply it to the Minnesota state budget and find ways to spend OUR money better without cutting essential services.


As the mayor of Faribault we have been fortunate to witness John interact with so many people of very diverse backgrounds and histories within the community of Faribault. Please join us in supporting John Jasinski for Senate in District 24. We truly need his kind of good quality leadership to represent us.

Dave and Renee Thiele

Stop the Fighting, Jasinski Will Negotiate for You

Stop the Fighting, Jasinski Will Negotiate for You

Thanks Pam. This article was recently submitted to the Owatonna People’s Press. Check it out.

Negotiate, not fight


John Jasinski is running for Senate and his timing couldn’t be better. John has years of experience negotiating contracts and resolutions as a commercial real estate broker, as a member of the City Council of Faribault and as a 2-term voting mayor.


John knows that his opponent’s attempt to “fight” for a voice for us here in District 24 has not worked, as evidenced by the 2016 legislative session ending in gridlock with no bonding bill passed. “Fighting” hasn’t worked to bring opposing sides together. “Fighting” causes division.


What we need is a negotiator who is willing to listen to both sides and help parties come to a consensus.   John is eager to put his skills to work to bring bipartisan representation to the table and negotiate a resolution that both sides can agree to and get the job done.


I hope you agree that we need a change in leadership for Minnesota Senate District 24. John is eager to get us funding to FINISH Highway 14 without placing a 5 to 12 cent tax increase on the backs of hardworking Minnesota wage earners.


I am confident that with John’s business background and proven leadership, he will also work hard to make healthcare costs affordable. We need to elect John Jasinski as our next Senator on November 8.

Pam Seaser


Sam’s Final Football Game

Sam’s Final Football Game

I took the day off from campaigning to attend my son’s final football game as a Senior at Faribault High School.  The Falcons lost their second round playoff game to Marshall.  So proud of my son Sam and his team for a great season.

A Change Agent for Minnesota

A Change Agent for Minnesota

Thanks Dave.  This article was recently published in the Faribault Daily News.  Check it out.

To the editor:

We all know that our current local, state and federal systems of government are far from being productive to the point of total, all out dysfunctionality.

When a highly successful businessman wants to become a change agent for the positive at the Minnesota Senate, I take notice. Minnesota’s governing system is broken and, worse yet, few in St. Paul are even interested in becoming in tune with how government can add value to the private sector and not the other way around.

John Jasinski is, in fact, that change agent the state of Minnesota needs coming from a businessman that truly gets it.

Dave Fellon


Letter to the Editor: Jasinski is the Right Person for this District

Letter to the Editor: Jasinski is the Right Person for this District

Thanks Paul.  This article was recently published in the Faribault Daily News.  Check it out.

To the editor:

Here are a few reasons John Jasinski needs to be our next state senator from Faribault. John has worked tirelessly first on the Planning Commission, then as a City Council person and now finishing up his second term as mayor.

John is keenly aware that economic development is the backbone to keeping cities competitive and providing jobs for working families so they can enjoy the quality of life we as Minnesotans have come to expect. He has worked in a nonpartisan fashion to get projects done to completion. John brings opposing parties to the table and negotiates resolutions that both sides can be satisfied with. He has the congenial personality that makes people want to work together on his team to find solutions, not excuses.

Thanks, John, for choosing to serve the people here in Faribault and now moving forward to serve our district in the Minnesota Senate so that rural communities are not forgotten in St. Paul. When we came to Faribault five years ago, John could not have been more supportive and helpful in our efforts. It was clear he was a leader who cared deeply about his community and about finding solutions. He is a man of his word and always willing to help.

Unfortunately, I am not a resident and will be unable to vote for this outstanding candidate, but what I can do is strongly encourage you to vote for John Jasinski for Senate on Nov. 8.

Paul Mooty

Partner – Faribault Woolen Mills