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Thanks Sean. This article was recently submitted to the Owatonna People’s Press. Check it out.

I am watching the Minnesota Legislative races closely this election season because Minnesota residents need our legislators to look at significant tax cuts when they convene in January. 


Minnesota ranks fourth-worst in tax climate in the entire country. We are surpassed only by New York, California and New Jersey, hardly great company to be keeping when it comes to our taxes. According to Americans for Prosperity, our top tax rate is 85 percent higher than the national average.  According to TaxFoundation.org,  hard-working people in this state must turn over almost 43 cents of every dollar to taxes.  That is just too much for the government to take from our pockets when the state was sitting on a $900 million surplus in February 2016. A surplus that size means we are overtaxed. 


As a new college graduate just beginning my career, it is disheartening to discover that young people, like myself, cannot keep more of our own money and put it toward paying off student loans and saving to buy our first homes.


It’s time Minnesota overhauls its tax code.  We need someone from District 24 who is interested in helping Minnesota workers keep more of their own money, instead of the government taking our money and telling us how they will spend it.


I am supporting John Jasinski for Senate because he will protect my wallet and give me a chance to make my own future.  Join me in voting Jasinski on November 8.


Sean Murphy