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Thanks Dave and Renee. This article was recently submitted to the Owatonna People’s Press and the Faribault Daily News. Check it out.

It has been a real privilege to work and be involved in John Jasinski’s campaign for state senator these past few months.  John has been a good, loyal and kind friend and an excellent help to us as we strived to run a small business in Faribault. 


John always had a listening ear and we were always encouraged by his support and his right-sizing government position. He understands how we need to do more with less.


John has not only proven himself as a mayor of Faribault in working hard to not raise taxes but he is also a successful businessman and has a lot of experience working with budgets to keep the company profitable and to keep people employed. John will be able to take these real world experiences and apply it to the Minnesota state budget and find ways to spend OUR money better without cutting essential services.


As the mayor of Faribault we have been fortunate to witness John interact with so many people of very diverse backgrounds and histories within the community of Faribault. Please join us in supporting John Jasinski for Senate in District 24. We truly need his kind of good quality leadership to represent us.

Dave and Renee Thiele