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Thanks Pam. This article was recently submitted to the Owatonna People’s Press. Check it out.

Negotiate, not fight


John Jasinski is running for Senate and his timing couldn’t be better. John has years of experience negotiating contracts and resolutions as a commercial real estate broker, as a member of the City Council of Faribault and as a 2-term voting mayor.


John knows that his opponent’s attempt to “fight” for a voice for us here in District 24 has not worked, as evidenced by the 2016 legislative session ending in gridlock with no bonding bill passed. “Fighting” hasn’t worked to bring opposing sides together. “Fighting” causes division.


What we need is a negotiator who is willing to listen to both sides and help parties come to a consensus.   John is eager to put his skills to work to bring bipartisan representation to the table and negotiate a resolution that both sides can agree to and get the job done.


I hope you agree that we need a change in leadership for Minnesota Senate District 24. John is eager to get us funding to FINISH Highway 14 without placing a 5 to 12 cent tax increase on the backs of hardworking Minnesota wage earners.


I am confident that with John’s business background and proven leadership, he will also work hard to make healthcare costs affordable. We need to elect John Jasinski as our next Senator on November 8.

Pam Seaser